How Helpful is an Event Management Software?

You may have heard all the good things about the event management software. It is a common trend in the events industry for professionals to be in the know regarding the latest event technologies. But you may be left with the question: how helpful is the software? Will it really revolutionise the processes found in the event life-cycle?

event management software

The answer is quite simple: technology can only do so much if you don’t know how to use it. This guide will help you understand the different functions you can enjoy using a software that is tailored specifically for event management.

What can you do with an event management software?

1.) A web based event management software helps you create event websites.

The use of a web based event management software will enable you to make effective event websites. Most event organisers today market their events through various online platforms. It is important that you keep up with this trend and create a dedicated website for an event where visitors can find out more and register if it interests them. An event management software will easily help you build a website since most providers have different templates and modules that you can use for various sections of the webpage. Even if you do not have coding skills, this task is doable as long as you know how to use the software’s interface.

2.) An event ticket management software lets you handle ticketing.

Event ticketing can be easily pulled off using an event ticket management software. You can simply set different types of tickets for your event as well as assign a price for each. This will make it easier for registrants to choose a ticket that fits their budget or  that fits their engagement during the event. If you are hosting concerts, this feature is very helpful since the event management software may also allow your attendees to choose specific seats.

3.) An event registration management software assists in managing guest lists.

Another important feature of an event registration management software is that it allows you to organise your guest lists.

If you are hosting simultaneous events, it may be very difficult to keep track of all registered attendees.

Through the use of an event management software, you will have easy access to guest lists and manually change user details or status. On the day of your event, guest list management is also integral for your staff to know who they can check in or if they can still accommodate more guests who have decided to register at the last minute.

4.) A conference and event management software helps with CRM.

Customer relationship management or CRM is another facet that you can manage using conference and event management software. This generally pertains to your ability to store attendee data from all your events as well as the engagement you can offer them even if your events have already ended. Through CRM, you may send customised emails to attendees, invite them to future events, and store their personal preferences. If they do decide to join another future event, they will not need to register from scratch. The event management software will automatically remember their details and just lead them to ticket purchasing.

5.) A software for event management handles project management.

A software for event management will also give you the ability to manage your projects more powerfully. Project management involves team work in tackling the different aspects of  an event. It may involve various committees and, as such, a tool where you can see progress and deadlines in terms of tasks will be helpful for the success of your event. Since your team members will be working from the same event management software, it would be easier for them to access and modify data.

6.) A corporate event management software allows you to manage your budget.

The financial aspect of your event can be challenging to sort out; this is where the role of  a corporate event management software comes in. Through the event management software, you may keep track of expenditures and see where you are overspending or underspending. The software will also let you generate financial reports easily and check ROI. This is one of the major thrusts of an all-inclusive software. It will allow you to handle difficult aspects of your event that you never knew you can do through a single platform.

7.) An event management software should have several tools.

If you are only using different tools for several purposes: website, registration, and app, perhaps you are missing somthing that can make a big difference. Imagen that you can have the list of attendees and the app in the same platform. With that you could increase radically the engagement through send to each segment the appropiate notification.

Therefore, it is a huge opportunity to have an all-in-one solution in order to have functionalities that increase attendee satisfaction.

Where do you look for the best event management software?

Now that you know specific ways by which a software may help you in terms of event planning, the next step would be to find out where you can find the best event management software. A good way to start your research is by starting with software review websites. It is important that you unearth the pros and cons of the top software choices at your disposal. Look for meaningful reviews that lay  out the bad points of a software.

This is the only way that you can genuinely set expectations. If you were to delude yourself with all-positive reviews, you may be disappointed once you start using the software.

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