Gamification in a Social Event to Advance the Engagement

Gamification in a Social Event to Advance the Engagement 1

A trendy concept nowadays, Gamification that turns a non-game context into the gaming and entertaining one. It is not only done by adding games but also conceived by organizing the event in a technical friendly way.

It is an idea to bring engagement with an interactive experience in an event. It is to apply the game principles in an event for the desired outcome. It’s an approachable way for any event/business to demonstrate its agenda. It is not about bringing fun to the event. It’s just a technique to add more to your event experience.

For a good event, some points must be kept in mind:

  • Feature engaging theme with amazing speaker setup.
  • Establish an opportunity for the attendee to interact and form a network.
  • Arrange the best interactive and positive speakers for sessions, presentations, and conferences.
  • Setup and entry attendance for attendees.

Social event gamification

Gamification initiates an idea of adding some more to the event through the event app, compelling sessions, challenges, contests and each with some rewards.

Let’s talk about social event gamification. As gamification can create a better experience, in any event, the same it can create in a social event making attendees go wow.

Before the event starts, encourage the interaction with the attendee while introducing the insight of the event.

Highlighted gamification ideas to advance the engagement in a social event:

  • Storytelling:

A way of storytelling to open up the attendees to express their own experience. This deepens the connection and network among attendees.

  • Magic:

Establish some magical things to elaborate on the event product or your brand. This engages attendees as they exhibit some magic that you can’t explain.

  • Alluring Flooring:

Make the venue floor expressive and impressive creating an impact on the attendees and make the event a big hit. Use projectors and tracking cameras to project on the floor.

  • Interactive Floor Game:

Using projectors organize a game on the floor where attendees are the participants and on winning they will be rewarded.

  • Leader board:

Create a gaming opportunity on your event app and show the results on the leaderboard. This will make attendees believe that the game is fair and they will play it with more engagement.

These activities attract guests and advance engagement in the event. Whatever event you are organizing these are some effective points that create an immersive impact on the attendee.

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