Skills to Become an Event Planner

Skills to Become an Event Planner 1

Who are the event planners? What skills are needed to become a certified event planner? Such questions arise when we are not familiar with the field.

Become an Event Planner

Before it, just be clear of the fact that you want to become an event planner and is your dream field. Many people who want to be the event planner might not become because they don’t have the knowledge of the field and event had no idea of the skills and responsibilities fulfilled by the event planner. Let’s get started by answering the questions.

If you are a party planner then this blog will help you out to the fullest.

Who are the Event Planners?

Event planners are the ones who plan and organizes an event under the supervision of the event manager or the event management company. Event planning is a growing field nowadays. Almost daily an event is taking place. Event planners have the job to ensure everything about the event from deciding the theme, venue to the catering and facilities. They professionally organize an event and offers ease to the client.

They meet with clients and understand their objectives, they select a suitable venue fulfilling the client’s needs, manage vendors, caterers and manages a budget. They provide the best service to the client to ensure a successful and exciting event.

What skills are needed to become a certified Event Planner?

There are 3 main skills to be considered while pursuing the event planner field and rest are being indulged in these skills.

  1. Creative and innovative: An event planner must have creative and innovative thinking that can do a lot in the career. Event planning needs the most creative, innovative & confident person that can design the themes according to the client’s need or have to think quickly on spot in case of any emergency or solve problems in a minute without creating chaos.
  2. Organization skills: Event planners are extremely organized people with detail, sharp and innovative organization. They manage work in timeframes, keep budget estimation in check, check every small detail and keeps a good relationship with the guests and clients.
  3. Communication and management skills: They have the best communication and management skills. They manage their co-workers in a friendly manner and showcase polite, calm and frank behavior to everyone. They stick to their schedule and keep an eye on everything related to the event.

So guys here were the skills required to become an event planner. If you have these skills and have organized some parties or events before then do work on these and be an amazing event planner.

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